Andrew Poynter - Editor

We bought our first TR in 2003, a standard 2.0l Drop Head in Poseidon Green.  The car broke down twice –it was even trailered home from France on one occasion – and then an early Speke Fixed Head happened to come our way.

 Sad and sorry, it had been stored for too long on a concrete garage without turning a wheel and proved to be in need of some serious welding but fell short of a full nut-and-bolt rebuild. It was eventually part-exchanged for a TR7\V8 that burbled…. 

Within six months the white Fixed Head had changed hands again; we were to learn that the four-speed gearbox had been ripped from this very original vehicle – it even retained the trademark melted map-light and had a green-check interior – in favour of a much-more common five-speed box.

The Sapphire-Blue TR7\V8 was sold to fund an entry into the 2012 Mongol Rally – we felt that the much-modified car was languishing unused in a concrete lock-up rented from the Local Council for too many weeks of the year, and the sacrifice was deemed worth it.

On returning from Ulaanbaatar – we took a two-door 05-plate Hyundai Accent and never even got a puncture – owning another TR7 was always going to be on the cards – and a 1981 Fixed Head in Silver-Leaf now resides where the V8 once stood!


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